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Salberg Law specializes in helping small businesses prevent and solve a variety of legal problems by applying nearly 16 years' experience in litigation, transactions, and regulatory compliance. Salberg Law is dedicated to providing responsive, trusted legal counsel and adding value to clients.

Specialities include:

  • Contract law: preparation, negotiation, and enforcement of agreements.
  • Corporate law: entity formation, sales, acquisitions, and corporate agreements.
  • Business Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Commercial Law.
  • General Business Law/General Counsel.
  • Consumer Law Compliance and Dispute Resolution.

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Clients include:

  • Small businesses
  • Retailers, wholesale suppliers, and service providers
  • Agriculture and food industries
  • Financial institutions / consumer credit providers

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My grandmother taught me that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I apply that age-old wisdom to helping businesses prevent and solve problems with customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, and others. I help clients generate creative ideas that add value to - and ensure the sustainability of - their businesses. When problems do arise, I apply extensive litigation experience to solve those problems in court, arbitration, or mediation. Whether you're still in the prevention stage or a problem has arisen, I'm here to help.

For more than 15 years, I have served numerous clients with their business law and litigation needs. Clients include businesses of all sorts, food and agriculture clients, and anyone with general litigation needs.